donderdag 8 augustus 2013

[Scanlation] Sakurasaku Syndrome Chapter 1

Hi everyone!

Sure sure, I know I'm only a simple translator, but... a while ago I was asked to translate Sakurasaku Syndrome by a (new) scanlation group, but it appears they died before they even released one chapter.

Even thought I only read & translated  one chapter by now, I think its a series with great potential and it would be a shame if it didn't get scanlated. That's why I decided to give it a try myself.

Please note I’m just a translator. Cleaning, editing and typesetting aren’t my specialty. Yet I think I didn’t do a bad job, considering this is my first ever try to clean a magazine raw. The quality of the cleaning (probably) increases with every page (I hope), but there’s still a lot of space for improvement, I’m aware of that. You're free to point out my mistakes, but I doubt I’ll actually remember it. I’m a translator after all and not an aspiring cleaner. ^-^

No watermarks this time (because I'm lazy), but that still doesn't mean it's okay to steal my work!!

Have a fun read!


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  1. Thank you for all your hard work!!! Or should I say..お疲れ様です ^^. The manga is so cute >w> and I think your cleaning and editing was fine :DDD Once again, thanks!

  2. Looks perfectly readable too me.
    Well done.
    Groups are so unreliable that we translators have no choice but to work on it ourselves^^

    Certainly a nice manga. Some later scenes are really HNNG
    Definitely worth scanlating.

  3. Awesome manga awesomely done. Thank you for your hard work.

    please release more

  4. An interesting and cute first chapter. This seems to hold a lot of potential, so I'm looking forward to the following chapters.

    The scanlation is fine, which is impressive considering you did everything by yourself. Your effort is highly appreciated, thank you very much.

  5. Hello, I belong to a group called Aya Sora Scans, I wondered if you could give us permission to retranslate this manga to Spanish. We will respect your credits.

  6. For your first time cleaning and typesetting, I thought you did a good job! I also really enjoyed the series, and I'm looking forward to more.

    Thanks for the release!

  7. Hey,

    I'm from Ciel Scans. Are you maybe interested in working with us to release this manga? We can do the cleaning and typesetting for you. And don't worry, we are reliable. If you are interested please send us a mail at Thanks :)

  8. Hallo,

    Ik ben lid van s2scanlations (s2scans, we publiceren onze manga in het engels, en we zouden zeer graag met je samen willen werken. Vooral een van onze cleaners is een mega fan van deze manga. We hebben meerdere typesetters en cleaners en we doen altijd ons best om HQ werk te leveren. We zijn zeer betrouwbaar en hebben een goede naam opgebouwd. Mocht je geinteresseerd zijn mail ons dan at Alvast bedankt. :)

  9. OH MY GOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Been waiting for someone to TL it forever!!!!

  10. Hi
    Excuse me interested in working this manga to translate it to Spanish and expected his permission.
    I hope you grant me and thanks in advance
    I'm from Shoudan No Fansub

    1. Sure, go ahead ^-^ (Just that you know, Aya Sora Scans also asked permission to scanlate this to Spanish.)

  11. Hey, thank you for the scanlation. I think you did a really good job, I've seen worse cleanings and editings from people who were used to do this.

    I hope you keep it up and I'd really like to see more scanlations from you in the future. :)

    Best wishes from Germany :P

  12. Awesome, really thank you very much for your hard work in this chapter.