woensdag 7 januari 2015

[Scanlation] Mou Ii yo Ch.2

Hey everyone, it's been a very, very long time!
So, let's me start off by wishing you a Happy New Year! 

I actually started working on this little gem before the year ended, but the amount of text in this manga is just ridiculous! So, it took a while to get everything done.
But I'm very happy (and proud) to present you!

Mou Ii Yo Chapter 2!

I did the translation a long, long time ago, but when the group died it was apparently never used and I was fairly sure another group had agreed to pick it up...

Anyway, my cleaning and typesetting are still not the best of the best, but I hope you will all enjoy this one!

It's going to be a one-time thing though. I don't intend to translate and typeset the remaining 2 chapters. I leave that to someone else. ^^ I hope someone will give it a shot, because the next stories are actually pretty cute.


P.S. For those who didn't notice yet. Shinseiscans is working on Birdmen! I won't be uploading any new scanlations for that series anymore. I'm just providing the translations ^^

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  1. Hi, Sohma Riku! This is phio_chan from Raindrops Scans, if you still remember me/us. :) I was going through my manga list today and I couldn't help but remember the days when the group is still around. I was going to catch up to this series so I stumbled here. XD

    Browsing around does make me want to continue where we just disappeared, since it feels bad not to finish what you started. But it is definitely impossible to do alone. I know you've mentioned this on the post, so forgive me for being stupid as I ask again: what do you think if we continue translating the remaining 2 chapters? If we do continue again, we will do it without pressure, just when we can. I can definitely help with editing, so at least it saves you some work.

    Let me know and thanks a lot for posting this! I apologize for not being able to finish it back then.