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Gangnam Style [English version]

Read the original Dutch version HERE.
The music sensation of 2012! PSY turns music world is up-side down!?

About 2 months ago. Through one of the many social media (tumblr) existing today, I got linked to a video on youtube. The uploader combined some video footage of her favorite Korean group with a song of another Korean artist, Gangnam Style of PSY. (Never heard of him back then) The video was somewhat funny (if you are a fan of ZE:A), but the music didn't stay in my mind for long. It's not strange to say I was honestly surprised when this song took over the world only a few weeks later and it was even played on the Dutch radio.

Oppa ZE:A Style

How he did it, it's a mystery, but within a few weeks PSY turn the music world up-side down. If it's really the music or the dance, we can't be sure, but it's certain he became the music hit of 2012. Or at least, he really appears to be.

Within no time, PSY takes oover the world. His song doesn't only top the Korean charts, but also receives a top 1 rating in countries like the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Also in the Netherlands Gangnam Style tops the chart. Even on youtube PSY does extremely well. Never before a video received so many likes.
  Gangnam Style - PSY

And now, all of a sudden K-pop is hot! Or well, actually I don't notice it at all. My friends who like K-pop don't even mention PSY, and my friends who don't like K-pop don't talk about him either. So maybe, nothing changed? He's probably just some hype that'll be gone soon enough. Besides, changes he'll be able to do such a thing again are really low if you ask me. So many people know Gangnam Style, but I didn't hear anything about his other music. Well, maybe that only makes it more special he managed to top the charts in so many countries.

To be honest, I'm really surprised he topped the charts with this song. I can't say I listen to much K-pop, but I've heard much better songs that deserve to get attention from the whole world. Yes, I just can't get myself to like Gangnam Style. The melody is somewhat okay, but the lyrics are just crap. Same goes for the music video, it's crap. No matter what people say, Gangnam Style has really the worst K-pop music video I've ever seen.

Well, let's stay nice. It's just not my style. Luckily for PSY, there are a lot of people who don't share my view on the song. So, all that's left is to congratulate him. Even though I don't like the song, I can't be not happy for him. 

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