woensdag 31 oktober 2012

ZE:A, Children of Empire!

I'm not a Kpop fan, but I totally Love ZE:A!

I already mentioned ZE:A briefly in my previous entry. I'm not exactly a Kpop fan (I probably prefer Jpop), but I seriously love ZE:A's music.To be honest, I probably only fell in love with ZE:A, because I was bored and love cute guys. So, Minwoo itself was enough to force me and check them out.

Let me explain, Minwoo didn't just appear from tin air of course. It's just that he happens to be a member of 3peace☆Lovers together with Nikaido Hayato and Sasaki Yoshihide. And Sasaki Yoshihide happens to be one of my favorite Jpop artists. I don't think I have to explain more.
Anyway It was a warm summer day. All my friends were on holiday and I really didn't have anything to do. Because of Hide-kun (Sasaki Yoshihide) being  a member of 3peace☆Lovers, it's obvious I checked it out. Then, it didn't take long for me to decide Minwoo was pretty cute. (everyone agree?) So, I was totally bored and the fact Minwoo was cute, was actually enough reason to listen some of ZE:A's music.The first song I came across (the one use in the 3peace☆Lovers introduction video: Heart for 2)  immediately convinced me ZE:A's music was awesome!

Heart for 2 MV

To be honest, initially I didn't want to bother and learn the names of all 9 members. Somehow they looked all the same to me, so it'd be really troublesome to even try to differentiate between them. Still being bored to death, I randomly watched some videos. Every time I just tried to spot Minwoo. Eventually, if I wanted it or not, I started to recognize the other members too. After a while I knew exactly who they were. (Let's try to write down all their names without looking it up: Junyoung, Kevin, Heecheol, Minwoo, Dongjun, Siwan, Hyungsik, Taeheon and Kwanghee) By that time I didn't only discover their music was awesome (also totally loved Here I am, Daily Daily and Watch out! to name a few), but the members themselves were awesome too! Their personalities are really diverse, so it's impossible not to like at least some of them. (On the contrary, it's also not that hard to dislike some of them... Sorry Kwanghee, you're just annoying in my view... but I still love you in some way, without you ZE:A wouldn't be ZE:A.) They really went through a lot of trouble to be able to stand where they are now. They really have my respect.

So, by the time I discovered how awesome they were, it was about time for their comeback with the 2nd album, Spectacular. Even though I was pretty much broke, I ordered the Special Edition of the Album... and I don't regret it a bit. I believe I told myself it was some sort of graduation present to myself. Or something like that. The 2nd album Spectacular, it was certainly spectacular. I can't say I like all songs completely, but there's a good amount I really do like. I guess 'Someday' turned into my favorite song of the album almost immediately, but also 'Never End', 'S.A.D. (Something in A Dream)', 'Begin with Kiss' and 'Love is Gone' are absolutely amazing.
I believe many people really liked 'Body to Body', but somehow that song didn't really appeal to me. And then I read a lot of mixed reactions about 'Aftermanth' or 'After effect' (whatever you prefer). Some people disliked the song. Some people disliked the MV. Some people disliked both. And some people liked both. 

Aftermath MV

Just talking about the song. I think it was okay. It wasn't awesome, but it wasn't bad either. I quite like listening to the song. The song somehow really fitted my mind back during the release, as I repeatedly failed my driving exam back then. The only thing going through my mind was ♪Wish I could turn back time♪. I have nothing more to say about it. The song was good.
Then, I heard quite a few people mention the MV looked cheap,... because they had this digital screen creating the background. To be honest, I quite liked it. I really loved whatever they did with that screen. It really amazed me actually and the word 'cheap' didn't even cross my mind. Well, I can't say much more about it. The actual MV was probably the same as the song. Not amazing, but good. I had nothing in particular that I really disliked about it.
Talking about something I did dislike... those clothes! Maybe saying I disliked it isn't the right word, but those outfits were certainly really... strange? I can't say much actually, those clothes just really left me speechless. Anyway, I didn't really care about it... I assumed their clothes would go back to normal at a certain point of time, so there wasn't much to worry about. I just really told myself to ignore the clothes and enjoy the music. Because, in the end it's just really about the music, right?

When it comes to enjoying the song, I actually think I liked the Moon Leader remix, that was released not too long ago, better, but well...It's really great to have him back. Still I really wonder what on earth he did with his Ankle that it took this long to heal. (or maybe it just feels like it took extremely long...)

Aftermath Moon Leader remix

Anyway, ZE:A is awesome. If it's not for their music, it's just because their personalties are great. All these boys are just so damn sweet! (Except Kwanghee, he's just annoying... but that's his charm...) But, I guess Minwoo just stays my favorite... for no apparent reason. All of them have been working really hard to get where they are and they really deserve more attention then they get. I'm really proud of them and I'll continue to support them in the future for sure! Ah well,... I'm really looking forward to see them grow.

ZE:A Fighting!

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