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3peace☆Lovers, aiming for Asia!

 Aim for Asia, take over the World!

March 2012, I'm browsing the internet... randomly checking some sites. Suddenly I come across some unexpected news. Apparently one of my favorite artists (Sasaki Yoshihide) will join a new unit. It's called 3peaceLovers. Other artists involved are Visual Kei artist Nikaido Hayato and K-pop group ZE:A's Minwoo... Their aim is ASIA!

 3peaceLovers introduction video

My first reaction... of course I was really surprised when I heard about this. Also, I was really confused. Somehow I didn't really get what this was all about and it was really hard to find more information. I just knew it had something to do with a Japanese TV Show called Break Out, but as I don't live in Japan I couldn't watch it. I (unfortunately) don't receive any Japanese TV channels on my TV. (Luckily videos started appearing on youtube, just search for Break out and 3Peace☆Lovers to find them... some videos are English subbed) Anyway, when I finally figured out they'd really release a CD some time, I was totally happy and looking forward to what would come. Even though I didn't want to, my expectations were quite high.

So in short, who or what are 3peaceLovers?

3Peace☆Lovers (3PL) is a special unit of producer Vomos. Its three members have completely different backgrounds. 1) Jpop/Jrock artist and actor, Sasaki Yoshihide, 2) Visual Kei artist, Nikaido Hayato and
3) a member of Kpop group ZE:A, Min Woo. Gathering these three Vomos plans to overcome the limitations of genres and languages to create a whole new kind of entertainment. Their aim is to do an Asia tour in 2013.

After a much too long wait, more information about the CD was released and a teaser showed up. Their first single was titled "Virtual Love" and would be released in 3 versions with a total of 6 different songs. (Assuming the MV edit and ver.01/ver.02 counts as a different song and the instrumentals don't) In the end I ended up buying 2 out of 3 versions.

Virtual Love full MV (with lyrics & English sub)

Virtual Love (MV edit): I quite like the song. I quite like the PV. Actually, I was already totally amazed when I watched just the teaser, so watching the full MV it was only better. It's really neatly done. I really like the melody and lyrics. Also their clothes are pretty sweet. I couldn't find anything about this song that I disliked. Also, I had gotten so used to the MV edit, I was totally amazed hearing the first two sentence of the full version of the song.

Egoistic Angel: It's okay, but I don't quite like it as much as Virtual Love. It's too long, and the lyrics are a bit dull. Too much repeats in the lyrics as well. So, it's certainly not one of my favorite songs, but it's not really bad either. The music itself it pretty nice.

心拍数#0822 (ver. 01 + ver. 02): It's a brilliant cover! I really loved the original version of the song and the 3PL versions are just as good. Lyrics are good, music is good... it's just totally amazing. Yes, these songs made it really easily to my favorites.

心拍数#0822 ver. 03 Fan-made Video

Arcadia: When I first listened to this song, I wasn't really sure about it, but by know I really came to like it. The lyrics are nice, the music is nice and... it's just a good song, I can't say much more about it.

So, it's been about 4 months since the release of their 1st single, and within 5 days their 2nd single "Love Evolution" will be out. Again, there'll be 3 different versions of the CD with a total of 6 different songs. (assuming that...) 1) Love Evolution, 2) The New World of the World, 3) Fire◎Flower ver. 01, 4) Fire◎Flower ver. 02, 5) Daily Daily and 6) Love Evolution feat. Micchan (√5). So, that's actually 2 original songs and 2 covers. Fire◎Flower is a cover of a popular Nico Video song, and daily Daily is a cover of one of ZE:A's songs. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to each and every of these songs. All of them have the potential to be awesome! It's really too bad I'll have to buy all 3 versions if I want to have all songs. (Still need to pre-order though, these CD's are just too damn expensive! Could ask them as a birthday present, but I somehow don't feel like explaining my family who on earth I buy 3 versions of 1 CD...)

Of course, there's a teaser floating around again. And it's good enough to set quite a few expectations. So, let's end with that! I'll come back with my rambling whenever I receive my copies of their 2nd single!

 Love Evolution MV teaser


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