dinsdag 20 november 2012

3Peace☆Lovers, Love EVOLUTION!!

Just working really hard on sewing myself a cosplay costume, I'm interrupted by the mailman delivering a package. In this package I find all 3 version of 3PeaceLovers's 2nd single, Love Evolution. It's been a week since then. I'm extremely bored, so I'll rant a bit about it.

Love Evolution MV 

Just in case, for those who don't know what/who 3Peace☆Lovers is. 
3Peace☆Lovers (3PL) is a special unit of producer Vomos. Its three members have completely different backgrounds. 1) Jpop/Jrock artist and actor, Sasaki Yoshihide, 2) Visual Kei artist, Nikaido Hayato and
3) a member of Kpop group ZE:A, Min Woo. Gathering these three Vomos plans to overcome the limitations of genres and languages to create a whole new kind of entertainment. Their aim is to do an Asia tour in 2013. They released their first single, Virtual Love, on June 26th, 2012. It reached the 10th place on the Daily Oricon charts, and made it to 25th place in the Weekly charts.

Their second single, Love Evolution, was released on November 6th, 2012. It made it to the second place of the Daily Oricon charts, and again reached a 25th place in the Weekly charts.

For my general thoughts: I totally love this single! Compared to Virtual Love I really totally love each and every of the songs on this single. And I totally do not regret I bought all three versions of the CD.
Well, that doesn't sounds really objective, does it? No, I'm pretty much of an insane fangirl. But, these boys are just awesome! 
Here, a video to prove it!

Broadcast of Break Out on October 26th, 2012

Sorry, I think that video's pretty hilarious. They are such scaredy-cats.
Then, let's get back to my original intention and do some talking on the songs of their second single.

1) Love Evolution: I really love it. I already heard this song before I got the actual CD's, as the MV was floating around already. And, I'm not all that sure what I should say about it. I love the music, I love the lyrics and... the MV is okay. It's just really hard to explain what exactly I like about it. It's just the total sound of it. It sounds a bit like Virtual Love, but also totally different.

2) The New World of the World: The title sounds pretty epic, and so does the song actually. I don't think there's really anything special about the melody and the music, but I really like the lyrics. And it's just the general sounds. Because it sounds pretty normal, it's hard to find any specific to like or dislike this song. Song was written by The Kiddie by the way. Not sure if it means anything to anyone, but well... they did a really good job on this song!

3/4) FireFlower ver. 01/ver.02: It's again a cover of a Nico Douga song. The original song is really pretty and their covers do justice to the original. I can't say all that much about it, they just sounds absolutely perfect if you ask me. Their voices really fit this type of songs.

5) Daily Daily: Surprise, a cover of ZE:A's song. I totally love this song and the cover is extremely nice too! This covers isn't any less beautiful as the original.

6) Love Evolution feat. Micchan (√5): Well, it's basically the same as the original version. Just one more person singing. Well done though. Michan is a good singer! 

So in short, there are some extremely beautiful songs on this single. If you want to check it out for yourself. Just search youtube. Someone uploaded all of them! (It wasn't me...) I'm already looking forward to more! 

Ah. let's end with some more laughs.

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