maandag 30 september 2013

A little note

Hi everyone, 
I'm pretty sure a bunch of you are (were) waiting for the next chapter of Bloody Monday. Unfortunately, I had to switch computers when my older brother returned from Japan last month (because he needed it for work) and my current PC is too old/slow to run Photoshop. I tried to install PS on my mini-laptop a few days ago, but within a few seconds it was clear it didn't really appreciate that, so I had to cancel the procedure.

In short, I didn't have access to and won't have access to PS for a while. So, don't expect any scanlations from me at this moment. (meaning: until I get a job and earn enough money to buy myself a fancy new PC)

But around that time that I lost my lovely PC, Rocking Horse Scans offerered a little help to get the last few chapter done and 3 days ago they finally released chapter 34!
It took them a while and I almost feared they wouldn't get to it anymore, but... they proved me wrong. ^-^ They'll be doing the rest of the chapter as well, so please head over there to read the end of the series!!

And that's the end of my message! 

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