dinsdag 19 november 2013

[Scanlation] Ohimesama Navigation - 1st period

Hi everyone!

I'm back!! Exactly a week ago I celebrated my 24th birthday and received some lovely parts to upgrade my PC! It took a while, but it's running perfectly now!! (Oh, yes... I'm happy!)

Anyway, because of this upgrade, I have access to photoshop again!! And thus I'm able to do some (crappy) scanlation again!!

As most of you probably already notice, ryColaa finished scanlating the last few chapters of Bloody Monday, so... no need for me to work on that anymore!

Instead I decided to get you the first chapter of Ohimesama Navigation (as I already translated that chapter, but the group that's working on it appears to be a little dead.)

So, enjoy!!


Note: I'm not sure if I'll be scanlating more chapters. Depends a bit on if I'll be able to find the time to translate more chapters. ^-^ 

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